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Instant Nostalgia: Your Favourite First Term Texts

Remember that time back in university?  Classic.  Remember your first term, and how naïve and young you were, and how you really hated Wolf Hall/ doing laundry at unearthly hours/ trying to remember the difference between yog and thorn/ packing to go home?  Good times, eh?

Right, you may have only had a single term at Nottingham, but we’d like to invite you to get nostalgic.  Look back over the sepia-tinted weeks of Autumn and fall into a reverie of literary recollection.  What was your favourite text?  Why?  Whether you liked it because the story was terrific, or because it opened up a whole new area of English Studies to you, or because you thought it was impossible but you conquered it in the end, or simply because it rhymed in a nice way, we want you to write us a quick blog piece.  (It doesn’t even have to be on the Studying Literature course – we will even listen to your strictures on medieval and dramatic literature…)  It could be anything from 300 words upwards.  One thing Nottingham English students aren’t short of is opinions.  Send us yours!


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